17 February 2022


Beware! Check the contract thoroughly for the resolutive conditions!

buying a home in eindhoven

As of 1 January this year you can only borrow the purchase price from the bank. If you buy a house above the asking price, the chances are that the purchase price is above the real market value.


Jeanette and Karel buy a house for 275.000,-. This purchase price is 25.000, - above the asking price of 250.000, - (occurs regularly in Eindhoven!) The valuer writes in the validated valuation report that the market value of the house is 250.000, -. Jeanette and Karel have to pay 25.000, - of the purchase price itself (plus costs buyer!)


Make sure that the resolutive condition for financing is adjusted in the purchase deed. For example, it is sensible that Jeanette and Karel agree that they can dissolve the purchase if they have not received a mortgage loan or an offer from an accredited lender for the financing of the property for an amount of 90% of the purchase price.
  • If you buy a house above the market value, you will not receive a mortgage for the full sum
  • Have the resolutive condition in the contract adjusted accordingly.
  • Otherwise you have to add the difference yourself!
  • Aankoopmakelaar Eindhoven protects you against a too expensive purchase