11 August 2022

Housing prices

Housing prices are not rising as fast. What does this mean for buyers?

Fewer people are coming to look at a house. 

This has been going on for a few months now. So this also means that the number of bids on the house is going down. When an offer is made, it is no longer necessarily above the asking price.  

These market conditions mean that sellers are quick to put another house on the market. Sellers are less sure that we house will be sold quickly and above the asking price. They do not want to delay the sale any longer. Even if a newly built house is not yet ready. There are significantly more homes published on Funda in recent months.

The expectation is that the housing market will cool down further. 

One reason for this is rising interest rates. With a historic increase of almost 2.5% in just over half a year, there is less to borrow. 

Rising interest rates are often a prelude to stagnating home prices.